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Projects that were started but were either left unfinished or abandoned.

Byte World Project

02.2017 - 04.2017

A project to create 3d graphics, while avoiding floats. Although I'm mainly making this to practice the math behing rasterization, the aim with this project is to make "lightweight" 3d graphics, that can run even on a software level. Obviously a game without floats has lots of limitations (especially on rotations) but it is a creative idea.

This project has been fused with ddt and is no longer active.

Dark Dimension Launcher

01.2015 - 08.2015 | android launcher

Dark Dimension Launcher icon

Android launcher, focused on launching apps fast and with little power consumption. Very small in size, and unique concept.

This project has been abandoned, there are a few bugs, but the launcher kinda works.

Google Play

tta - Text To Animation

03.2016 - 03.2016 | C

Project to create animations using text. The logic is that you describe in a file how objects animate inside a scene, and the program renders it.

The project has been abandoned.

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