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Updates about projects that are being worked on.

New intro animations made using Shaders

I recently played around again with OpenGL shaders, and I made these three animations of the Dark Dimension logo.

Dark Dimension animation 1: Waves Dark Dimension animation 2: Squares Dark Dimension animation 3: Vortex

These are all made using vertex and fragment shaders, and displayed at runtime. One of them will be the one used on the intro of my video game "Rue".

2022.04.22 - Fri 07:00

Physical prototype for the card game "Rue"

Rue - Physical version - Deck

The past few months, I got the first physical prototype for my latest card game "Rue".

Rue - Physical version - Cards

I did some playtest sessions with friends, and got feedback and new ideas for what to implement. Thanks to everyone for giving it a go!

2022.04.12 - Tue 06:00

Working with a friend, to add better music for "Rue"

I've started working with shiitakespacewarrior, to make music for the 3D card game "Rue".

Attached is the initial Main Menu theme for the game. What do you think?

Checkout more work from shiitakespacewarrior on SoundCloud.

2022.03.19 - Sat 06:00

"Rue" new version 0.2.3

Rue particle system

My 3D card game "Rue" just got a small update.

It now has the first 5 stages, that need to be completed in order and some other small new additions. Also a big bug that would cause shaders to not compile correctly on some hardware has been fixed.

The biggest new feature is that its compilation process has been improved, and the game is now available in the Microsoft Store.

2022.02.19 - Sat 06:00

New Particle System

Rue particle system

I made a new Particle System, in order to improve the visuals of games I develop.

This one will possibly be added in my latest video game "Rue", which shows blue particles following a sine wave while they animate.

2021.09.03 - Fri 06:00

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