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Updates about projects that are being worked on.

Project Rose: Progress

Project Rose progress picture

Progress of my current game in development "Project Rose".

Shows a sample game with 8 players, within a couple of turns. Each player is dealt 5 cards. Then each player in turn, play 1 card face down on the table. Once all players are done, each card is being revealed, and their effect is activated.

The card effects are still under the design phase. I would say the game is about 20% complete.

Watch the video on YouTube

2021.06.10 - Thu 17:58

Card design ideas - which one is better?

I did a poll on different social media, to ask for feedback and ideas for a card design for my new game "Project Rose". Here are the designs and the result of all the polls combined:

Project Rose card 1 thorns and roses Project Rose card 2 treasure and greed Project Rose card 3 sea and octopus

Thorns and roses 56%

Treasure and greed 22%

Sea and octopus 22%

2021.05.07 - Fri 02:00

Added feature: Screen orientation change on Android

The king is gone with screen orientation on Android

I've added screen orientation change support on my Android games. This is a feature that most games don't really need, but I feel like it makes them more flexible.

This has been updated on both Shuffled Nightmares and The king is gone , and will also be part on all future games.

2021.05.05 - Wed 11:00

Started development on new game: "Project Rose"

Project Rose announcement screenshot 1 Project Rose announcement screenshot 2

I've started development on a new video game, that for now it's called "Project Rose".

It is a card game, where everyone is trying to keep a rose for themselves. The current plan is to have multiple levels, with a variety of AI opponents, requiring a specific strategy to beat.

2021.04.30 - Fri 06:01

The king is gone, now on Android

The king is gone on Android

My previous puzzle game The king is gone is now available for Android.

The only difference is the input method, where the user needs to touch and drag their finger to look around, and tap once to select an option.

Also I've removed the leaderboards on the android version for now.

It has been optimised to look well and behave on both phones and tablets. There is also a free demo version, for those curious enough.

Check it out on Google Play

2021.03.06 - Sat 11:24

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