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Updates about projects that are being worked on.

new experiments

experimenting with a custom rasterizer.

Software rasterizer with ncurses screenshot

this is a software rasterizer, not working with gpu yet. the current gif runs with ncurses

2017.03.01 - Wed 22:26

ddt - what does this tool do?

so, i'm working on a C library called 'deedee tools'. these tools are focused on platform-agnostic video game programming and minimalism. i had an interesting idea to do that, and i'm still working on it. so far, so good.

2016.09.28 - Wed 11:44

graphics experimenting for future games

Opengl fake shading screenshot

after messing around with manipulating graphics on a very low level, i created a fun effect where the colors of the vertices of an object are automatically colors to look like they have lighting. although it is static, it's quite interesting to watch

2016.03.24 - Thu 06:15

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