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Updates about projects that are being worked on.

Rue Alpha - Gameplay video

I made a small video showing some gameplay from the alpha build of the card game "Rue". It shows the basic functionality of the game, along with how the AI behaves. Also shows some of the cards and what their effects are.

Check it out on YouTube

2021.08.24 - Tue 21:06

Music sample for the card game "Rue"

The Rose on Soundcloud

I've been experimenting with composing some music that will go well with the video game I'm working on "Rue".

I made a small sample that will potentially be my inspiration for the final piece. It is called "The Rose"


2021.08.13 - Fri 20:51

Card game "Rue" is now available in Arch Linux's AUR.

Rue on AUR

My new card game "Rue" is my first open-source project made with avdl. I've started spending time on packaging it for different open-source communities, to familiarise with the process.

Recently, I've created a couple of packages for the Arch User Repository (AUR), which is a place to find projects packaged by other users.

One package being for the video game "Rue" itself, and the other being for "avdl", the compiler for the programming language "Rue" was made on. This way, only with a few commands Arch Linux users are able to install "Rue" on their system, through the default package manager.

AUR - avdl | AUR - rue

2021.08.07 - Sat 01:50

New tab: avdl

It contains more details about the programming language avdl, like what it is about, where to find it and how to use it.

As time goes by, more documentation and examples will be added, in an effort to make the language usable by anyone that wants to try it.

2021.08.02 - Mon 01:46

New video game "Rue", alpha version available

Rue cover

I'd like to present my newest video game "Rue", previously known as "Project Rose". This is a card game, where all players sit around a table, with a rose moving from around.

The aim of the game is for each player to deduct the opponent's moves and influence the rose to end in the player's side.

This project is available for free, and is also open-sourced.

It is currently in Alpha, having just the base game implemented. There's a few features and some polish planned, but until then feel free to enjoy the game. It is available for Windows, Linux and Android.

Check out its web page: Rue

2021.08.02 - Mon 01:41

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