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Updates about projects that are being worked on.

Demo version of "Melt Shuffle"

Shuffled Nightmares icon

first game made using my programming language avdl. this is a small demo, featuring 2 out of the 18 levels.

Melt Shuffle is a puzzle game, where the user has to rotate all the blocks in place, to reveal an image. each image reveals a part from a story.

2020.01.28 - Tue 22:21

"Hello World" example program of my new programming language for video games

avdl hello world screenshot

i'm working on a programming language, to make video games with. this image is a "hello world" program, in less than 50 lines of code, that define a 3D cube that is constantly rotating.

2019.10.19 - Sat 01:02

software rasterizer with perspective project

Software rasterizer with perspective projection screenshot

just completed the most important part of a software rasterizer: perspective projection. from a 3d point in cartesian coordinates, to a 2d pixel on the screen. this gif shows this but using only ascii characters instead of actual colors.

2018.04.09 - Mon 21:31

happy king song

new piano song made on musescore. parts of it are used on the video game "the collector"

the collector

small idle-like web video game made with javascript and pixijs. you can play the game on itch.io.

2018.01.28 - Sun 15:01

clumsy engine

small engine with its own scripting language. this is an attepmt to speed up video game development, but also be a little creative and think differently when it comes to design.

2018.01.15 - Mon 05:16

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