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Updates about projects that are being worked on.

The king is gone - Art update

I've been working on the graphics of the game. The screenshots attached show the progress that has been done so far. The assets were all made in Blender.

This is the day theme, complete with a sunrise, background mountains and a autumn-like ground and rooms.

The king is gone screenshot day 1 The king is gone screenshot day 2

This is the night theme, travelling through a scary city, with lamps to guide the way and some organised gardens.

The king is gone screenshot night 1 The king is gone screenshot night 2

I've also added a new animation for emerging rooms.

The king is gone animated screenshot rooms

2020.09.19 - Sat 02:08

The king is gone - Alpha Demo

The king is gone animated cover

Made with my language avdl, this is a puzzle game about running away, while unlocking doors that are in your way. Each door gives a specific benefit that makes escaping easier, at least in the right combination.

It is currently in alpha, and I've made some demo builds that show enough gameplay to give an idea of what the game is about.

Check it out here:

Itch.io | GameJolt | IndieDB

2020.08.18 - Tue 12:19

Progress of my new project "The King is Gone"

I'm working on a new project, "The King is Gone". It is still in its early stages, but I've made a video showing its basic gameplay and the work I've done on it so far.

Watch the video on Youtube

2020.06.13 - Sat 04:06

"Shuffled Nightmares" is now released

Shuffled Nightmares icon

It is now complete with 12 levels, and a random mode for extra challenge. The game can be found on a few game platforms, including:

Steam | itch.io

2020.05.02 - Sat 00:18

First version of "Shuffled Nightmares"

the game was renamed from "Melt Shuffle" to "Shuffled Nightmares". its first version is now available as a demo, and soon the full version will be uploaded.

it is now available on Itch.io

2020.04.02 - Thu 22:59

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